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Jasa Instalasi dan Konfigurasi

Semua produk yang dijual disertai dengan jasa instalasi dan konfigurasi dari team engineer yang berpengalaman.

Berikut daftar jasa instalasi dan konfigurasi yang di support oleh PT. Sasando:


Installation and Configuration for Servers and System Scope of Works:

- Unboxing server

- Mounting server to rack

- Install Windows Server

- Testing & Commisioning

- Documentation 


Installation and Configuration for Video Conference Scope of Works:

- Unboxing devices

- Configure devices

- Testing & Commisioning

- Documentation


Nama Scope of Works:
Jasa Instalasi Routing (Edge Router) - Basic

IP Address, Routing Static/RIP

Access-Control List

Network Address Translation, Port Address Translation

Router on stick


Jasa Instalasi Routing (Edge Router) - Advance

IP Address, Routing Static/RIP

Access-Control List, Network Address Translation, Port Address Translation

Router on stick, Backup-config

EIGRP Routing & Redistribute, OSPF Routing & Redistribute, BGP Routing & Redistribute, PBR (Policy Control), IP SLA, QoS

Jasa Instalasi Switch - Basic


VLAN configuration, Access & Trunking port, Default Spanning-Tree

Access Management, Tacacs/Radius Authentication

SNMP Trap, RIP/Static Routing, Backup-config

Jasa Instalasi Switch - Advance


VLAN configuration, Access & Trunking port, Default Spanning-Tree

Access Management, Tacacs/Radius Authentication, SNMP Trap, RIP/Static Routing, Backup-config


Spanning-Tree (custom, Stacking Switch, High Availability (HSRP, VRRP, GLBP), Switching QoS, EIGRP Routing, OSPF Routing

Jasa Instalasi Firewall Security - Basic

IP Addressing, User AuthenticationAccess Rules (ACL), Basic Filtering Rules

SNMPRIP/Static Routing, Backup-config, Network Address Translation

Jasa Instalasi Firewall Security - Advance

IP Addressing, User Authentication, Access Rules (ACL)

Basic Filtering Rules, SNMP, RIP/Static Routing, Backup-config

IPS/IDS Configuration and Update, URL/Web Filtering, Antimalware, VPN Site - to -Site, VPN Remote Access, EIGRP Routing, OSPF Routing

Jasa Instalasi Email Security - Basic

Incoming Email Inspection

Outgoing Email Inspection, Antispam, Gray Mail, Backup-config

Jasa Instalasi Email Security - Advance

Incoming Email Inspection, Outgoing Email Inspection, Antispam,

Gray Mail, Backup-config, Content Filter, Black List, White List, Limit Message

Jasa Instalasi Wireless - Basic

STANDALONE, User Access Management, IP Addressing, SSID

User Authentication, Upgrade/Downgrade IOS

Jasa Instalasi Wireless - Advance

STANDALONE, User Access Management, IP Addressing, SSID, User Authentication, Upgrade/Downgrade IOS, Backup-config,

CENTRALIZED MODE (WLC), User Access Management, IP Addressing, SSID, User Authentication, Mash Topology Configuration, Mobility Group, Quality of ServiceIP Addresssing

Jasa Instalasi WAN Optimization - Basic

IP Addresssing, User Access, Basic QoS Inbound,

Basic QoS Outbound ,Basic Optimization, Backup-config

Jasa Instalasi WAN Optimization - Advance

IP Addresssing, User Access, Basic QoS Inbound ,Basic QoS Outbound, Basic Optimization, Backup-config,

Advance QoS Inbound, Advance QoS Outbound, Advance Optimization, Advance Troubleshooting

Jasa Instalasi Voice & Video - Basic

Voice gateway, Dial Plan ,Registering IP Phone /bridging analog phone

Connecting Endpoint, Integrate Endpoint Video Conference, Integrate voice system with PSTN (Cisco), Backup Config

Jasa Instalasi Voice & Video - Advance

Voice gateway, Dial Plan, Registering IP Phone/bridging analog phone,

Connecting Endpoint, Integrate Endpoint Video Conference ,Integrate voice system with PSTN (Cisco),Backup Config, Unified Call Manager Solution Feature,Voice Recording & Reporting, Integrate MCU with multiple license, Integrate Cisco PABX with CUCM,

Jasa Instalasi Web Security

Automatic profiling (white list), Web server and application signatures (black list)

IP Reputation, IP Geolocation, HTTP RFC compliance

Jasa Instalasi Proxy Security

Explicit & Transparant Proxy, Managing proxy services,

Intercepting & Optmizing HTTP Traffic, Filtering Web Content, Bandwidth Management, Failover, Backup-config

Jasa Instalasi Load Balancing Instalasi Load Balancing
Jasa Instalasi Application Acceleration Manager (AAM) Instalasi Application Acceleration Manager (AAM)
Jasa Instalasi Application Firewall Manager Instalasi Application Firewall Manager
Jasa Instalasi Application Security Manager Instalasi Application Security Manager
Jasa Instalasi Link Controller Instalasi Link Controller
Jasa Instalasi Global Traffic Manager Instalasi Global Traffic Manager
Jasa Instalasi Network Monitoring System Network Performance Monitor, Application Performance Monitor, System information & Event
Management, Database Management

D. INSTALASI CLOUD (Microsoft Azure & Office 365)

Scope of Works:

- Subscription setup

- Server/User creation

- Migration

- Backup


Scope of Works:

- Setup Guest OS

- Setup Host OS

- Setup backup

- Setup failover


Informasi mengenai harga instalasi,hubungi Sales Consultant kami via email